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Thread: the making mixes legal and correct topic

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    the making mixes legal and correct topic


    touchy subject lol

    DJs try to make sets as legal as possible -well skip those that not lol-, let's look at those that want that. I have already read a lot about it, but forgive me, regardless of how good I look things up, I am never sure of what is considered correct, as it is simply never clear, with all country dependent laws and international sites etc etc...

    I want to start a thread to clear things out, because some new dj's are eager to show what they can, "share it" and I guess they are also looking how to do it in the mess of how it is legal ... I can also imagine that artists and labels want that things are kept legal. So how...

    Is buying enough, do you need approval of each track/artist, what is legal on youtube, what is legal on soundcloud or others, what is legal if you have your own site? What do you need to do. What licenses you need? Info per country is also welcome

    Many are already paying and supporting a lot - I hope lol -, but I think among myself, many want details and are doubting did we still miss things to consider?

    Any details are welcome. Even details for mashups, or other is also welcome

    So please share your correct knowledge and perhaps it will help, I'm sure the willingness is there, but the info is sometimes not very clear

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