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Thread: People from New York, Introduce Yourself! (Part 2)

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    People from New York, Introduce Yourself! (Part 2)

    This is a continuation from the ppl from the city introduce yourself thread that was started 7 years ago, just more expansive going from the city to most of the state.

    Let's see how many New Yorkers we have here this time around. State what town, county or borough of NYC / the NY State you're from, how often you listen to AH.FM, even describe the current surge that NY with Trance is experiencing, and most importantly, let's get to know everyone.

    I'm from the town of Hempstead, which is located in Nassau County on Long Island.
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    jersey. been clubbin since 00. been into EDM since early dance in 92. the prodigy was introduced to my life and then it was a wrap everythin else just became mind opening. nothing like good old school hard trance and trance, and lovin the tech trance of these days. im lazy usually i write books but sall im good for today folks
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