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Thread: Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Route 85 (Darin Epsilon & Tom Glass Remixes)

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    Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Route 85 (Darin Epsilon & Tom Glass Remixes)

    Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Route 85 - [Perspectives Digital]

    01. Route 85 (Original Mix)
    02. Route 85 (Darin Epsilon Remix)
    03. Route 85 (Tom Glass Remix)

    Listen & Download Here

    Barry Jamieson - Cool orig mix
    Betoko - 5/5, thnx
    Dave Seaman - 4/5, good EP
    Flash Brothers - Tom Glass remix is cool
    Graziano Raffa - Great package! Tom Glass remix is my favourite track here!
    Guy Mantzur - 5/5, Great pack , thanks
    Hernan Cattaneo - 4/5, very good, support
    Jamie Stevens - Both Darin's and Tom's mixes are really rocking! nice work
    Kasey Taylor - Tom glass for me thanks
    Kassey Voorn - Tom's mix is cool, thanks
    Kenneth Thomas - 5/5, Very cool! All mixes
    Marc Poppcke - All versions work for me, but Tom's mix is probably my favorite here. Full support!
    Marcelo Vasami - very good stuff, thanks!
    Max Graham - Lovely warm up (Darin Epsilon remix featured on Cycles Radio 117)
    Microtrauma - Tom Glass Remix all the way
    Miss Nine - 4/5, thanks
    Oliver Schories - Tom Glass for me. Very nice. Thank you
    Rich Curtis - Nice tunes, I will play Tom's remix
    Sasha - 4/5, nice EP
    Sezer Uysal - 5/5, Tom Glass is my fav will play ! thanks
    Silinder - 5/5, Darin's remix for me, thanks
    Sonic Union - Another great release from PD! All 3 versions offer something different here and can see myself using all 3! Thanks!

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    Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic spent the early part of their career primarily releasing on their own Mistique Music imprint, but the last 12 months have seen them branch out with releases on Sound Avenue, Mesmeric, and Movement Recordings.

    The trio continue to bring new and inspiring ideas out of the studio, as 'Route 85' might just be their most dancefloor friendly record to date. With an irresistibly funky groove, combined with stylish electronic hooks, the first half of the composition builds some sizable momentum as the main break approaches. Glistening melodic clusters and serene harmonics make up the enchanting drop, which carries some amazing emotional depth. Once the romping groove returns, the atmospheric energy rises to new heights, for an exhilarating climax which goes down as one of Michael, Levan, and Stiven's most accomplished works to date.

    The first remix comes from Perspectives label boss Darin Epsilon. With appearances on Sudbeat, Hope, Renaissance, Perfecto, and Flow all in the last year, the Los Angeles based DJ and producer continues to be one of the most in-demand talents in all of North America. Darin's 'Route 85' interpretation adds a new and even funkier twist on the groove while the hook-heavy rhythms add some monumental bounce to the track. A short break keeps the groove locked and builds some nice anticipation for the tough beats to drop back in. Granular sweeps and dynamic electronics add just the right amount flair for a tasteful second half.

    The final remix is provided by Tom Glass, who is returning to Perspectives for his fourth overall appearance. The Polish producer's intricate melodic sound continues to be a firm favorite of Nick Warren, as he has appeared on Nick's Hope Recordings on nine occasions thus far in his career. Tom's 'Route 85' remix presents a much more techno inspired vibe which carries some amazing musicality with it. Filled with rolling grooves, blissful pads, and energetic piano stabs, Tom has crafted a mix that should more than satisfy all the techno purists out there.

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