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Thread: Tempo Giusto - From The Core (artist album)

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    Tempo Giusto - From The Core (artist album)

    Some feedback on the official album singles:
    Armin van Buuren: Perfect to blow your speakers!
    Giuseppe Ottaviani: One of my favourite trance artists at the moment.
    Mike Koglin: Massive!
    Claudia Cazacu: Awesome!
    Max Graham: Love this.
    Matt Darey: Cool stuff!
    Mark Sherry: Huge stuff from Tempo!
    Orion: Big! Going to the playlist!
    Kaeno: BEAST!!!
    Bissen: Tempo is on fire.
    Mark Pledger: NICE!!!

    From The Core - the title encapsulates the essential character of the artist's new album. Three years after his debut album "Premiering In Theaters", Tempo Giusto keeps composing against the mainstream and takes his unique sound on a deeper level with his second full album of different trance works.

    From The Core. From the soul. From within the deepest dimensions of creation, Tempo Giusto imparts visions from his musical multiverse ranging from joyous brightness of Cabo Rico to primal darkness of Blacksmith. In addition to the four pre-released album singles, the album contains seven unreleased original works and three collaborations, all with amazing different personalities and musical organisms. A page could easily be written about each track and its nuances but From The Core is best enjoyed as it's served - loud through loudspeakers.

    From The Core is unquestionably one of the most interesting trance albums released in 2013, already raising Tempo Giusto high on the charts again.


    Check the preview of the full release on YouTube:

    Get your copy now at:


    Track list:
    1. Tempo Giusto feat. Justin Cameo - Embrace The Life (Original Mix)
    2. Tempo Giusto - Daliesque (Original Mix)
    3. Tempo Giusto - Cabo Rico (Original Mix)
    4. Tempo Giusto & Mike Koglin - Crunk (Original Mix)
    5. Tempo Giusto - Gritted (Original Mix)
    6. Tempo Giusto - Demigod (Original Mix)
    7. Tempo Giusto - Pensées des Morts (Original Mix)
    8. Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland - Coral Bay (Original Mix)
    9. Tempo Giusto - All Gone But Hope (Original Mix)
    10. Tempo Giusto - Bandit (Original Mix)
    11. Tempo Giusto & Ima'gin - Europia (Original Mix)
    12. Tempo Giusto - Blacksmith (Original Mix)
    13. Tempo Giusto - Ultraist (Original Mix)
    14. Tempo Giusto - Chemical Agent (Original Mix)
    15. Tempo Giusto feat. Justin Cameo - Embrace The Life (Radio Edit)
    16. Tempo Giusto feat. Justin Cameo - Embrace The Life (Dub Mix)
    Catalogue: ER147
    Release date: 02-09-2013

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    "From The Core" selected as one of the top releases of week 36 in Beatport and rises to #9 in top 100 releases, big thank you for your support!

    Check Tempo Giusto's picks of the album @

    Full album now also available for listening on SoundCloud @!

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