01 | Paradox
A creepy and gloomy baseline guides you into a tunnel where darkness seems to swallow you. You’re getting deeper and deeper into a black hole… And when you start to slowly fade away a lovely melody from somewhere above leads you back into the light.
This interaction of good and evil, oppression and redemption, light and darkness creates an incredible atmosphere – like the quiet before the storm rolls in after a muggy summer day.

02 | Hypnotize
Uncompromised Superstrobe remains to the structure and the dramaturgy of his earlier work. As in his club hit “Strip Down” (PRZ010) a constantly modulating line runs through the whole track. With a dark and heavy bassline as the foundation “Hypnotize” invites you on an endless journey with a happy ending. Have a a nice trip!

Artist: Superstrobe
Label: Praxxiz
Cat. No.: PRZ015
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: Vinyl 20.08.2013 / Digital 05.09.2013
Genre: Techno

01. Superstrobe - Paradox (Original Mix)
02. Superstrobe - Hypnotize (Original Mix)

Vinyl exclusive on: Deejay.de
Digital on: Beatport, Junodownload

Paradox EP on Soundcloud
Paradox on Youtube
Hypnotize on Youtube