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One of Mondo's most popular bundle packages is back after a short hiatus. Our 'Summer Vibes' series is back for volume three and it packs a huge punch to hit that sweet spot this summer.

In volume three we have summer anthems from the likes of Soliquid, DT8 Project, Santerna, Evave, Matt Eray, Tate & Credland and many more. The 'Summer Vibes' series is designed to deliver a maximum doze of huge uplifting vibes and lush progressive, feel-good elements. With 10 more iconic tracks from the Mondo archive, you'll soon see why this is one of our most sought after bundles.

An essential purchase to get you in those summer spirits right here.

1. Rikki de Clerk - Sunrise
2. Soliquid - Leave Me Alone
3. DT8 Project feat. Shena - The Power Of One (Kinky Rowland Remix)
4. Santerna - Arise
5. Sunspectre - Isle of Wight
6. Evave - Present Day
7. Matt Eray - Gift (Jective pres. Muska Remix)
8. Tate & Credland feat. DPC - Rise Above The Anarchy (Funky Drop Mix)
9. Alex Vives - Not The Same
10. Muska - Garden STate (Vigel Remix)

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