This is my Trance is Here Now 006 Guest Mix on from last Friday

I decided to do a more uplifting mix for this one and as you'll see from the tracklist that I have thrown in some of my personal uplifting faves from over the years



01. Edin Bosnjak - Alluring Wishes
02. Mike Shiver - Feelings (Original Instrumental Mix)
03. Sequentia vs Maarten van Bergen - Echoes of Sound (Sequentia Club Mix)
04. Goldenscan - Only With You
05. Julian Vincent feat Jessie Morgan - Shadows of The Sun (Daniel Kandi's Bangin Mix)
06. Haris C & Plant - Flashback (Haris C Mix)
07. Simon Patterson - Us
08. Adam Ellis - Napalm Poet
09. Accadia - Blind Versions (Neptune Projects Third Eye Remix)
10. Inzite - Everest

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