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Thread: Would You Like To Make A Special Mix?!

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    Lightbulb Would You Like To Make A Special Mix?!

    This may sound crazy, so here we go! Would you like to make a special mix with my tracks?! I have prepared download links and just let you know more infos:

    Style between house (tech, minimal, electro) and trance (deep, prog, tribal). Some progressive breaks and chillout accepted too ;-)

    Duration at least 60 min. Quality 192 mp3 recommended.

    Maxximum creativity: you can change, tweak, do whatever feel like doing in the mix with my tracks/samples/dj-tools you'll receive for free.

    Beside my tracks/dj-tools you may put in the mix Your personal touch and productions (either loops/vocal/samples/tracks)

    This will go worldwide as a special gift mix! Please take all the time you need because we'll continue this all 2007.

    You may host the mix for public download. Any ideas on how to make this more fun and massive for each other are very welcomed :-)

    So, as you go now at and get the music for the special mix game! Thank you, yours... Cristian Paduraru

    A few dj's already got in the mix to prepare a special gift! Click now on pics to get the mixes :0)

    More tracks...

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    No one who would like to do this for him?

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