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    Good to see lots of Trance fans from India...
    a big HI to everyone :D
    me new to AH.FM. getting used to everything slowly but just love this place :D

    Please Check out my latest tracks....
    Kunal Shingade - Ataraxis (Orignal Mix) and Ataraxis (Remix)
    Kunal Shingade on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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    Nov 2010
    Hello this is srikapardhi from india!
    A big trance , especially fan !
    Love music, love trance and <3 !

    Just about myself: i used to download a lot of trance,electro,dance music a lot,frankly to say have around 500Gb tracks!
    But after finding i stopped downloading everything coz i find them live here!
    That too i love the mixes that come aired with melody,bass and beat!
    i almost listen 8hrs a day!but feeling bad that i miss the remaining shows due to my college working hours..

    Request:I request Dan to start torrent section of the aired shows or provide some download links so that we can download our fav shows and listen them forever......

    I hope my English is ok, as it's not my first language!
    Thanks AH.Fm and thankq Dan once again,Hope you understand!

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    Hi there, My name's Prashant. I am a BIG fan of all types of Trance, Minimal Techno & good old breaks. I never actually liked House in particular but Tech House is an exception. Anyways I have been listening to AH.FM for a while now, and finally thought I should register and interact with fellow trance heads. Nice to see trance lovers from India too .

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