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Thread: Igoda - Sanctuary [on sale 30-Mar-07]

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    Igoda - Sanctuary [on sale 30-Mar-07]

    Igoda - Sanctuary

    01. Set in Motion
    02. Walking to the North
    03. What if
    04. Electric Sun
    05. Reverse Point
    06. Image Lab
    07. Rude Mind
    08. Behind
    09. I Could Tell You
    10. Enervate

    Very Symphonic, Massive and Emotional Trance Anthems form JAPAN!

    price: 2,100
    date: 2007.3.30

    Total Time 70:12

    catalogue no.jSSCDS-5
    JAN code) 4582224950058

    IGODA is..

    Japanese "3 Brothers" trance creators. DJ Aoki,Koji and Daigo (from right to left). Their tunes have been played by Above & Beyond, DJ Precision and more. Sanctuary is their debut album from Sevensenses!

    If you like Trance, you should like their sound!!

    For more information:

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    Japanese trance creators. Sounds interesting. I will check out some of them I dont really expect much to be honest.

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    WOW, great Album, listen to all the previews, very outstanding. Not sure how technically well rounded the tracks are, but from the 50 seconds of each I listened to, I am impressed.

    And yes, Japan has a some talent.
    try out for some Japanese trance, the podcasts can be good, and the DJ speaks both English and Japanese for his fans that need either.
    Chris, ....Play the Music, And We'll know what to do.

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