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Thread: 2007|02|24 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 006 With Dj 4strings

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    2007|03|24 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 006 With Dj 4strings

    Hello people!
    Today we have a lot onf surprises.. I've select choons from the best trance tracks atm and I promise lot of unreleased superb material. New upcoming tracks from E.V.O.K, Andrew K, Digital Nature, Aurosonic, and my new productions!

    And our super-special guest Dj 4strings who need no presentation cause we are in front of one of the best Trance groups atm!

    Today is the sixth episode of my show on afterhours, enjoy it!

    some info at:

    Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

    *00 Mind Trance Intro
    *01 Aurosonic vs IIO - Is It Missing Love (T.I.M. Project Mashup) [CDR]
    *02 Rinster - Out The Water (Avenger meets Crawer rmx) [CDR]
    *03 Vodka - Focus (Original Mix) [Diverted]
    *04 Suicidal Romance - Star (Andrew K Remix) [CD-R] [TRACK OF THE MONTH!]
    *05 Elitist vs Ian Holing - Conqueror (Original Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
    *06 Digital Nature - Aeon (Original Mix) [Banshee]
    *07 Emotional Horizons - Autumn (Andy Bagguley Rmx) [Conspiracy]
    *08 E.V.O.K. - WindBreaker (Original Mix) [CDR]
    *09 Avenger - Fairy Wings (Ian Holing Remix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
    *10 Ian Holing - Green Waves (Original Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]

    And today our special guest is... Dj 4strings

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    Hello IAN hope to you like my mashup I`ll be tunning in

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    i hope i'll be in time here to listen it

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwisteR View Post
    Hello IAN hope to you like my mashup I`ll be tunning in
    hey! love your mashup! I will use it on the next show cause I made it before you sent me :/

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    Im here bro !! Cant wait Ibiza hehe
    Paul Denton VS Dave Nadz & LeBlanc - Vertue BLUE SOHO
    Dave Nadz & LeBlanc - Escape BLUE SOHO
    - Website :

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    tuned ... in and its 19:00 CET

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    keep them nice traxx comin g*

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    eh that avenger remix O_o

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_Jusha View Post
    eh that avenger remix O_o
    yep Jusha! sounds great! :D

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    this right now sounds sweet ... great selection yet ian :]

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    Thanks jusha! this is mine! new version of conqueror

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    jihhhaaaaaaa holing rocking to heaven \o/

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    ummmmmmmmmmmm especial..........

    nice sounds........

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