Featured on the front page of Beatport!

Having had his music on Sudbeat, Hope, and Renaissance, plus touring the globe as a DJ, as well as his monthly radio show and reviews for Tilllate Magazine, Darin really is on the top of his game and at the forefront of his musical sound. Valencia is a deep warm winner, and from the start, you can feel the quality oozing as the journey begins. The melodies are subtle but draw you in, as this track effortlessly meanders through peaks and troughs of sounds that tinkle and float. The main break encapsulates you before releasing the final smile-inducing drop.

Remix duties start with the ever talented Jamie Stevens. The likeable Australian, best known from his Infusion days, has been producing for microCastle, Sudbeat, and Bedrock, as well as running his own label Chameleon Recordings. He retains the housey feel of the original, but with an injected funk and swagger that drives along beautifully. The remix swerves in a wonkier, yet still melodic direction. Its bleeps and arps work a treat, guiding the dancefloor to a frenzy right up until the breakdown, before the final uplifting moment when the bass kicks back in.

Greek producer Ioannis Ntouskos aka Dousk completes the package. His enormous discography covers a wide range of musical styles and includes labels such as Bedrock, Global Underground, Vapour, plus dozens more. His love and appreciation for all genres shows here, as he's one of the few producers that can effortlessly meld together house, techno, and progressive influences into something completely new. His remix takes us deeper, creating a hypnotic groove with sexy female vocals alongside trippy FX.

Press text by Steve Parry | www.smp3.co.uk