Allen Watts

1. Original Mix
2. Radio Edit

Cat #: MONDIG068
Release Date: 23/12/2013
Record Label: Monster Digital
Format: CD / Download / Stream

Allen Watts returns to the Monster Digital camp for another white knuckle ride of a production, this time on a more uplifting tip. After the renowned success of his debut Monster outing ‘Tomahawk’, including the comment “a goosebump track” by the one & only Armin Van Buuren, we were only too pleased to see new track ‘Blackout’ arrive in our inbox!

‘Blackout’ is a driving, uplifting production which emanates pure euphoric trance - with sweet harmonious vocal lines and warm bassline melodies gracing the intro section, this production oozes pure class. The main hook evokes memories of the heyday of trance before transporting you back to the present with the slick modern production.

Another special delivery by Allen Watts!

Beatport Exclusive: 09/12/2013
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