Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom (Mixed by Marsh & Probity) [16 New Tracks]

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Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom (Official Video Teaser) [Out Now]

"Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom" is an exciting new chapter for Silk Music's Arrival division. It is the first edition of a new compilation series that features brand new tracks by the imprint's core contributors, many of whom are now recognized as leading talents in Trance & Progressive. Mixed by standout label artist Marsh and Arrival's label manager Probity, the compilation includes 15 visionary cuts, with an additional "bonus" track also available in the iTunes version.

Arrival is now supported consistently on the world's leading Trance & Progressive radio shows, including Above & Beyond's "Group Therapy". We are proud to feature some of the brightest young talents in these genres on this compilation: Kobana, LTN, Matt Fax, SNR, Marsh, eleven.five, Vintage & Morelli, David Broaders, MoodFreak, Mrmilkcarton, BXT, RADsoft Inc., EverLight, Yuriy Mikhailov, & Roni Joni.

Cat#: ARRD01
iTunes release date: November 18th, 2013
Beatport release date: November 18th, 2013
Genre: progressive house, progressive trance, trance, house, ambient
Format: digital
Stores: iTunes, Beatport

01. Marsh & Probity - Arrival 01 (Continuous DJ Mix)
02. RADsoft Inc. - Destination United Kingdom (Intro Edit)
03. Kobana - Sighted (Original Mix)
04. Marsh - Smiling At You (Original Mix)
05. MoodFreak - Bilbao (Original Mix)
06. Mrmilkcarton - Complectus Aeris (Original Mix)
07. Yuriy Mikhailov - Under The Rain (eleven.five Remix)
08. Marsh - Wondering Why (Original Mix)
09. eleven.five - Simple Steps To Becoming A Giant (Original Mix)
10. Vintage & Morelli - For You (Original Mix)
11. EverLight - Revenio (David Broaders Remix)
12. Matt Fax - Over The Edge (Original Mix)
13. SNR - Kumba (Original Mix)
14. LTN & Roni Joni - In Between (Original Mix)
15. Matt Fax - Orion (Original Mix)
16. BXT - Moments (Original Mix)
17. Reimu - Wonderland (Matt Fax Remix) [Bonus Track]

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