Artist:Various.Mixed By Phil Langham
Genre:uplifting,orchestral trance
Quality:320 kbps/44,1kHz/Stereo

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01 KELLY ANDREW beyond the skies(emotional intro)
02 SERGEY NEVONE & SIMON O SHINE apprehension(original)
03 RAMINIO seven months(o.b.m notion)
04 BLUESKAY paradise valley(farzam)
05 PUMA & SCORZ hide your tears
06 ABANDONED RAINBOW tornated(another world)
07 CHRIS BAKER pres VIRTUE entity(silica)
08 FRENCH SKIES element of life(andy elliass)
09 CIRO VISONE outworld
10 REORDER & SIX SENSES dream your dreamer
11 ELLITHEAS pres MAVI blue dragonfly(robbie seed)
12 SNATT & VIX in stillness(ian standerwick)
13 KHEIRO & MEDI trance temple(sunset)
14 DIMA KRASNIK upliftolagy
15 ETHAN lasts forever
16 MANUEL LE SAUX precious