Magic Trance presents the third release from producer Michael Retouch called "The Unstable Nature". This is a classic uplifting mix that contains banging drums, saturated pads, shimmering melodies. Breakdown is so beautiful and soft smooth transition main moment. That's what we call "The Unstable Nature". Enjoy this magical music with us.

Radio and DJ support by Aly & Fila, Pedro Del Mar, Chapter XJ, Ian Standerwick, Simon Bostock, Paul Pearson, M.I.K.E., Ben Lost, Daniel Skyver, Markus Schulz, Rene Ablaze, DJ Feel, Solar, Manuel Rocca, Steve Anderson, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Joe Cormack, Ahmed Romel, Ozzy Xpm, Kaeno, Ikerya Project, Katy Rutkovski, Manuel Le Saux, Cold Rush and many more...

Already played:
Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 316
Pedro Del Mar - Mellomania Deluxe 619
Manuel Le Saux - Extrema 339
Manuel Le Saux - Top Twenty Tunes 484
Steve Anderson - SAME Radio Show 259
Rene Ablaze - Redux Sessinons Episode 204
Joe Cormack - Trance Stage 087
Ahmed Romel - Orchestrance 053

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Available on other stores: 23.12.2013

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