After the huge success of their first solo single VITAM, the Brazilian duo D.E.C.A.D.A comes back to Uplifting Music with their new single NOCTUA!


is the track we were holding the most to release, waiting for our 40th Release to unleash this BOMB. Simply a Dark Progressive track that will explode any Dance floor in the world with its powerful rolling Bass, haunting melodies and an Epic breathtaking breakdown that will catch you unguarded!

come in 2 versions, the original mix with Vocals and the DUB mix which is the same track only changing the breakdown vocal for FX chopped melodic vocal effects.
We have a serious candidate for track of the year in this package so we hope you enjoy the ride!!

Already supported by DANILO ERCOLE on Prog Tech Sessions and Morttagua on Silk Royal Showcase!

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