Another flowing and stable release from Silent Shore regular Alex Ender, this time on his own. "Phoria" is without a shadow of a doubt a club built track.

DJ/Radio Support: Giuseppe Ottaviani (GO On Air 069), Manuel Le Saux (Top Twenty Tunes 483,484 - Extrema 340), Steve Anderson (SAME Radio 261), ReOrder (In Trance I Believe 204), Allen & Envy (Together As One Podcast 021), Team 140 (The Trance Empire 098) and more...

Short kicks with an off beat baseline and fast driving drum percussion, fit seamlessly in amongst the arps and the pads through out. Growing in the breakdown with chunky stabs the warmth warms in and the piano take-over in democratic fashion with fast piano pieces.

I very sturdy and full throttle track from Alex taken on by a Remix from Matt Eray will also hit your music G-spot!

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