Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Genre: Prog-House, Trance
Release Date: Dec 23 2013
Label: Majestic Family Records

1 Marc Pollen Ft Dewi - Wrong (Original Mix)
2 Qosmos feat. Ange - Reach For Me (Andrea Bertolini Dub)
3 5uGar and Eva Kade Ft. Evil T - All Around (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
4 Beat Factory - Rising (Deep Active Sound Remix)
5 Alex Drayling - Geometria (Original Mix)
6 Arma8 feat. Julia Lav - Your Day (Original Mix)
7 Artem Viceman - Flight of My Mind (Blugazer Remix)
8 Another Note - Dominate Night (Original Mix)
9 Andy Hardo ft. DJ Glushkov - Away From Here (Yuji Ono Remix)
10 Quinn Ft Daniel Baron - Dream State (Katrin Souza Remix)
11 Leisuregroove feat. Joe Killington - Falling (Joost van Hooijdonk Dub)
12 De Kibo - Tony Stark (Original Mix)
13 Masstek - Flashed (Massive Vibes Remix)
14 Noel Sanger - Deconstructed (Johnny Beast Remix)
15 Robert Firth - The Edge (Original Mix)

"Within three years we look for and we find talented musicians from all over the world.
We put all our love and all our most pure feelings in our releases.
In this collection we collected the best works and exclusive tracks from our friends and residents of our label."

Feedback and Support:

Ivan Gough - Quality after hours music.
Jaytech - May try All Around, cheers. Thanks!
Ad Brown - Great Comp!
Kenneth Thomas - Nice package!
Aeron Aether - Nice selection, will have a second listen. Thanks!
Gorm Sorensen - Blood Groove & Kikis remix for me.
Rafael Osmo - Big track! I will support Thanks.
Pena - Nice Work , Downloading.
Oliver Schories - Nice one. Thx
No Sonic Limits - Geometria is very cool. Thanks.
James Warren - Nice collection of tracks here from some very strong artists.
David Vendetta - Good package.

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