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Thread: 08-04-2007 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions 038

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    08-04-2007 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions 038

    Episode 038


    1) Starchaser - West End Girls (Original Instrumental Extended) [Ego]
    2) Blue Foundation - Sweep (16 Bit Lolitas Dub) [Renaissance]
    3) Gabriel & Dresden - Mass Repeat (Original Mix) [Organized Nature]
    4) Federico Epis - Somewhere In Heaven (Original Mix) [Resurgent]
    5) Yvel & Tristan - Cyran (Original Mix) [Morrison]
    6) Starchaser - Heatwave (Original Mix) [The Clubbers]
    7) Sebrof Divad vs Luminary - Wasting Drum Chapel (Aafik Mashup) [CDR]
    8) Double Dragon - Balearic (Main Mix) [CDR]
    9) Harry Lemon - Flashlight (Original Mix) [Bandung]

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    Tuned in!!

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    hello, happy easter to all...hopefully those eggs you painted were yummy also

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    this tune playing now is wonderful and reminds me badly "West End Girls" sounds...
    ** edit** ohhh's a remix!
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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    to Stella:
    i must say this instrumental of "West End Girls" is the best, vocal version is a bit too vocalish for me, hopefully you understand what i mean...:rolleyes:

    Starchaser made a great version of "Jan Hammer - Crocket's Theme" also, gonna play this next week maybe.
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    awesome set, really chill! Great with some slow trax, before my set with fast uplifting songs

    Again, nice set
    Fav Producer atm: Tritonal

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    thank you Superior, glad to hear you like it:rolleyes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanki View Post
    Kinda nice Mashup with Luminary here.
    thank you

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    Thumbs up

    Was listening only 2 the 2nd part of the show, but what I heard was pretty nice. Good work dude.

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    that's it for today, big tnx to all who were tuned in...see you again on next week.

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