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The young DJ-duo TECHNO LOGIC from Tashkent, Uzbekistan was formed in 2011. They quickly made a name for themselves in the Uzbek DJ scene and became residents of the top clubs in their hometown. Since then, they have been working hard on producing their own tracks and perfecting the quality of their sound.

The massive productions could not stay unseen for long. The leading European producers and labels soon noticed the unique style, which is a blend of modern electronic music genres and eastern cultures instruments. Following the official releases of the remixes on Todd Terry and Eric Jones, their single “Oversize” was signed on “Luxury Trax”.

In 2013 TECHNO LOGIC won JoeySuki’s remix contest. Their remix of “Kickstart” was released under “DUBBED” records and earned a lot of support from big names in the industry including Matise & Sadko, Kim Fai, Plastik Funk, Shermanology and others.
Realising the growing demand for exceptional content TECHNO LOGIC makes their tracks exclusive giving their audience exactly what they need. The EDM spreads around the world and so does the sound of TECHNO LOGIC.

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