Topo_BeatLounge Special Edit (BeatLounge Radio)
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1.Alex Smoke - Intro [Soma Records]
2.Ittai Barkai - Dost (Daniel Ray Remix) [[Eyepatch Recordings]
3.O-Live - Past Future [Electronical Reeds]
4.Aziz - The Occult [Azizula Music]
5.Cream Sound - Make Me Lake Inside (DP-6 Remix) [Festival Lounge Records]
6.Luca Lombardi - Echoes From The Past [Neurotraxx Recordings]
7.Krink - Moan [Techsoul Records]
8.Ran Salman - Love Me Once Again [Electronique Digital]
9.Electricano - Magic Desert [Spring Tube]
10.DJ Emmo - Club Therapy [BIT Records Mexico]
11.Olivier Malone & Barbar - Chasings Stars (Barbaros Another Ordinary) [Unvirtual Music]
12.Advent's Rising - Unexpected Conditions (Cut Knob Remix) [Suffused Music]
13.Manu Riga - Cimmerian (LoQuai Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
14.Matteo Monero - Beyond The Inner Journey [Suffused Music]
15.Phi Phi & Airwave - Back on Track (Rise and Fall Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
16.Napalm & D-Phrag - Summanus [Bonzai Progressive]
17.Tamer Fouda - Freak (Niaz Arca Remix) [Doppelgaenger]
18.Tamer Fouda - Burn The Floor [Quanza Records]
19.Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi Feat. Poli Hubavenska - Mantra [Outta Limits]

Topo - Teatris Show 001 (
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Topo Presents_Active Brand 045 (
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1.Cubosity - Us freaks (dub mix) [Lowendcommunity]
2.Akimoto & Ittetsu - Philosophy And Theoretic (Jako Remix) [Recycle Records]
3.Craig Stewart - Stellarium [Sophisticate Recordings]
4.Coll Selini & Damian D'acosta - Roots Ride [Wawa Viva]
5.Chase Buch - Weekend Circuit [Monique Musique]
6.Gion - Just Jerks [Sex Panda White]
7.Hollen - Dry Comfort [Potobolo Records]
8.Kenny Ground - Balia (Ron Costa Remix) [Southpark Records]
9.Juanma Kolonngha - Boongaloop [Comfusion Records]
10.Kleber - Tribute [Killer Beats Records]

Topo Presents_Bon Voyage 014 (Midnight Sound Radio)
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1.Esther Duijn & Steady Douglas - Zuidwest [Exquisite Music]
2.Steve Lischinsky - Danzario [Tanztone Records]
3.Bourne - High Pressure (Dandy Hungary & Invoice Remix) [Oversized Records]
4.Goodspeed - Who Needs Enemies (Dandy Hungary & Invoice Remix) [Cloud Of Silence]
5.Berkson & What - Ghosts [Push Communications]
6.Marco Effe - Caryllon [Cecille]
7.Alessandro Sensini - Paillard [Cecille]
8.Gamal Kabar - 4 Lally [Poker Flat Recordings]
9.Obando & Figueroa - Clapper Claw [Attary Records]
10.Patrick M & Dennis Demens - Funk It Al [HiFi Stories]

DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 054
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