Artist:Various.Mixed By Phil Langham
Genre:Uplifting/Orchestral Trance
Quality:320 kbps/44,1kHz/Stereo

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01 GERT HUININK & MIKE VAN FABIO the kingdom [intro] <abora>
02 MOSTFA & MOSTFA last moment[peter oski remix] <beyond the stars>
03 ABANDONED RAINBOW hope dies last <t.f.b records>
04 BLUEYE origami <relay records>
05 SIMON MOON pres JP PROJECT madness[leksin remix] <linger>
06 LEKSIN only you <diverted music>
07 FLASH SPHERE heaven <gent trance division>
08 ALEXEI RYASNYANSKY mad love[aero21 remix] <veritas>
09 EDU PADILLA lisban[hypaethrame remix] <t.f.b records>
10 HYPAETHRAME restart <nile tunes>
11 AEDEN time to say goodbye[hypaethrame remix] <t.f.b records>
12 ANDY FARTHING eris[hypaethrame remix] <pulsar>
13 HYPAETHRAME the last light <nile tunes>
14 ANDY ELLIASS nargothrond[mike van fabio remix] <fly warp>
15 MIKE VAN FABIO complicity <e.g.m music>
16 ANDY BIANCHINI caribbean dream[digi basement remix] <d-max>
17 STEVE SANDERS ft MK sunrise <beyond the stars>