Claus Backslash Sunstar

Dj Claus Backlash from Germany lands on FF Records for his next megasmasher called Sunstar. Its a wonderful progressive balearic trancer with excellent steady flow and awesome melodic layers. Very well composed with tough rocking beats, driving energetic basslines and feel good summery music themes. In the breakdown he reveals his main melodic theme that actually has an orient flavour and will remind you of well known trance tracks from the past. When the beat kicks back the track take us on board for an awesome energetic pumping and tripping journey. The main melodic theme is so epic and uplifting that you remember for long. Straight to the point trancer that will excite your senses and make you sweat on the dancefloor. The very well experienced dj & producer Claus Backlash never disappointed us and his track is pure gold.

"Sunstar" is Out Now!!


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