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    Fortun - Memories [Fuzzy Recordings]

    Fortun – Memories [FZR029]

    Release Date:
    Beatport: Feb 10, 2014

    Samples & Purchases::

    1 Fortun – Good Memories (Original Mix)
    2 Fortun – Sad Memories (Original Mix)

    Memories consists of two tracks: "Good Memories" and "Sad Memories" both with their own unique style and with two different perspectives on past events throughout life. With the melodic style combined with the powerful beat - Memories contains and fills the listeners thoughts with mood-setting vibes and digitalized feelings. "Good Memories" consists of an ambient intro with combined pads, creating a dreamscape which progresses into an energetic buildup. A melody packed track that contains some unique and experimental vibes to capture the listener into feeling a sensation with positive vibes. "Sad Memories" is a bit more easy going and mellow with it's classic progressive buildup. The intro starts easy and later evolves and grabs the listener with it's layered pads into a dreamy and melodic, yet driving and powerful sound. Both tunes are filled with dreamy melodies and have a connection to eachother. Fortun has turned the memories into a digital format, a post-it note in sound.

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