Bilal El Aly Shutdown EP

One of the most important and highly talented trance producers is the brilliant Bilal El Aly. His brand new EP on FF records includes the progressive Virgo and the big room Shutdown. Firstly Virgo is a magnificent balearic progressive trancer that will make you feel that summer came a little bit earlier than usual. Bubbly bouncy beats, deep haunting driving basslines, sunkissed feel good melodies and euphoric synths while on top female vocal harmonies create the hypnotic trancy mysterious atmosphere. Its the kind of track that inspire you to love life and look at the bright side. On the other hand Shutdown starts with the techy chunky beats and booming groovy basslines while some melodic elements are added as well. The breakdown is going to shock those who are not afraid the dark big room sinister trance sounds that usually djs like Markus Schulz drops in his sets. The cool vocal sample introduce the huge rave style distorted synthy lead that its melody has a nice Middle East feel to it. When the beats drops get on board for the full on hands in the air climax that will push the adrenaline level to the maximum and erase any signs of boredom from your face. Two high class club bangers that should be played often.

"Shutdown EP" is Out Now!!


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