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All alone in the echo of an empty house
A grand debut on the move, gonna go all out
I take a bow to the last row, thereís nowhere else that I can go
This is my life this is my show,

No matter how it ends on stage, in my real life, youíll never change
No matter how I imagine, in my real life it never happens
No matter how I play my role, Iím always feelin cold, I never get my ovation
Heartache in an empty space,
No way to replace a presence thatís wasted

Hallelujah for you and your curtain call
My lines are lost, theyíre used, I gave you them all
Now the crowds here for you itís true youíve got all the applause
All eyes on you wondering what youíll do

I don't want you to hate me
Even though iím not myself lately
I donít want you to run away
Even though I havenít asked you stay
I donít want you to leave
Donít pack your bags, donít pretend not to see me
I donít want you to hate me
Oh, youíre the greatest one I know

To lose you would be the greatest mistake of my life

Spotlight shining down on my loneliness
All Iím missing now is your kiss
Come and take your part, and read your script (play your part)
Weíre acting out my life, and this is it (play your part)

Acting out my life, and this is it (play your part)