We are pleased to introduce a new uplifting track by Stella Project. Beautiful melody, massive pads and dynamic are
all present in the original track as it should be in this trance.
John Sunlight´s remix with the rhythmic flow and energetic atmosphere could be the right track for club dance floors.
The remix by producer Alexander Ureka has very epic foundation, club atmosphere, it was as well expressed the basic idea.
Happy listening, enjoy!

Radio & DJ support by:
Akira Kayosa, Andre Visior, Anhken, Cold Rush, Feel, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ian Standerwick, Izzy Meusen, Joe Cormack, Kaeno,
Katy Rutkovski, M.I.K.E., Manuel Le Saux, Simon Bostock, Steve Anderson, Suzy Solar, Tom Neptunes, Transistic Sessions

Already played:
Manuel Le Saux - Top Twenty Tunes 492, 493
Kaeno - The Vanishing Point Episode 400
Joe Cormack - The Sound Of Freezer #276

Tracklist Release:
1. Odessa City (Original Mix)
2. Odessa City (John Sunlight Remix)
3. Odessa City (Alexander Ureka Remix)

Purchase link:

Available 17/03/2014 on iTunes, Junodownload, Amazon, Trackitdown, Audiojelly, DJ Tunes...

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