Here comes a new boutique tech house EP created for Cloning Sound record label by a Spanish DJ & Producer, Carlos Marí Pérez, a.k.a. The Natural. He, who’s ‘always on the search of that distinguishable sound’ claims that ‘more than ten years of professional experience gives him an enormous seriousness and forcefulness’ which results in ‘a vibrating dance floor’ and intensifies ‘his connection with the public.’ Now The Natural chooses Cloning Sound as a ‘distinguishable’ platform for assertion of his production talent. Enjoy his ‘Viajero’ EP composed of a so-called cut and two more tracks named ‘Constitution’ & ‘The Red Light District’. The release pack supported by label’s co-owners, Pacho & Pepo, is already available at Beatport.

Have a listen to the tracks on SoundCloud:

1. The Natural – Viajero (Original Mix)

2. The Natural – Red Light District (Original Mix)

3. The Natural – Constitution (Original Mix)

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