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Peter De Leon - Solaris [FZ80R002]

Release Date:
Beatport: March 10th, 2014
iTunes: April 10th, 2014

1 Peter De Leon - Solaris (Original Mix)
2 Peter De Leon - Solaris (DO5 Remix)
3 Peter De Leon - Solaris (Gary McDonald Remix)

Original Mix
Peter De Leon keeps things interesting and starts off with a plucked stabby synth with delay effects. Solaris, the mother of all the other remixes on this EP contains that old school funky style. This is something you'd hear in a classic action movie. The synths comes in and pushes you into a euphoric feeling. How could you explain this in any other way than "epic"?
DO5 Remix
A percussive start followed by groovyness of a phased bass line. Instant 80s vibes with a bit of a night drive feeling to it. Fading up, more synths appearing whilst the beats continues to kick into smaller pauses and fills, and then continues once again. Melodics elements takes place, padded synths, blissful melodies, harmonic feelings. D05 has taken everything you need for a midnight stroll, night drive, a lonely night home or a lounge party and packed it down into a portable size.
Gary McDonald Remix
Close your eyes, you are at a beach, you can hear that waves, a feeling overtakes you and you just drift along into it's beauty. Gary McDonald is back with another remix and has managed to capture the listeners ear at the first seconds. Melodic chords buildup along with melodies until the bass and kick takes entrance. Once again, night drive mode is on and you can't help but to visualize the street lights coming towards you while silently streaming along in traffic.

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