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Thread: [SYD] Fri 9th May 2014 - RETURN TO THE SOURCE Ft DEEDRAH Live & TRANSWAVE Goa set!

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    Exclamation [SYD] Fri 9th May 2014 - RETURN TO THE SOURCE Ft DEEDRAH Live & TRANSWAVE Goa set!

    ESP Events presents - RETURN TO THE SOURCE! Featuring DEEDRAH Live & TRANSWAVE Goa set (2 sets!)

    The crew behind events series such as WIZADRY OF OZ, SENSORY OVERLOAD and more recently the SPACE TRIBE OZ TOUR invite you to experience a pioneer of the Goa/Psytrance sound in action!

    After months in the planning, we are excited beyond words to bring out a true pioneer of high quality psychedelic music and sound to grace the stage with 2 performances in 1 night!

    We have secured a brilliant venue for the event - THE IMPERIAL HOTEL – with its amazing Basement Club, ultra late license, friendly security and its outside the LOCK OUT zone

    DEEDRAH/TRANSWAVE is The pioneer of the contemporary psychedelic sound with ground-breaking and genre defining tracks such as 'RE-LOAD' and the goa classics 'REZWALKER' and 'LAND OF FREEDOM' - and we are honoured to have him play for an appreciative crowd!

    Check out the classic here:
    RELOAD -

    Frédéric Holyszewski, also known as Dado and Deedrah is a French music producer mostly known for his psytrance projects such as Deedrah, Transwave + Krome Angels and Synthetic.

    This man repeatedly woos crowds and long-time fans to the beat of his productions. Ranging from solo projects as Deedrah, as he is known in the circuit since 20 years now, or the most recent band formed little over 7 years ago, the KromeAngels, he stands to face anywhere between 5 to 30 thousand eager fans on gig!!.

    Once in the scene in the mid 90’s as a self-made rock band, Vision Quest, Dado met Christophe Drouillet with whom he would form the legendary group Transwave. In only 2 years they reached mind blowing success releasing 4 full length albums in total. The duo gained firsthand experience selling and producing the entire CDs themselves from creating the sleeves, recording the albums, and even directing the first video for the international trance hit “Land of Freedom”.
    The band, more active than ever, performs relentlessly in front of music thirsty dance floors!!

    All this experience eagerly propelled Dado to create his first ever studio in a Paris basement. In ’97 he created QuestionMark records to form a structure for French and international artists providing not only a label for promotion but also supporting a recording and production system. The first Deedrah album “Self-Oscillation” was released under this label, as well as 3 compilations “The Groovebox”, “ Anologique” and “Digitale”. The first album “Cypher” was released with the cooperation of TWISTED Rds. UK. Under QuestionMarks label Dado worked alongside artists like TSUYOSHI, SUZUKI, ASTRAL PROJECTION, TALAMASCA, GMS, TOTAL ECLIPSE and remixed for bands like THE DELTA, HALLUCINOGEN , ASTRIX ,KOXBOX and KILLING JOKE.

    As if not enough, Dado created another alias “SYNTHETIC” first releasing the fantastic Metalgear with TWISTED Rds, then releasing the first album on SOLSTICE MUSIC. Synthetic being now the alias of choice for more techno 125 bpm oriented recordings ( on labels like IBZ recordings or Mago Mago RDS )

    The Dado snowball picked up momentum growing like an avalanche and he, together with DMT NAKOV and SERGE SOUQUE of Total Eclipse came together to form GBU (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ) still playing at the most important festivals of the techno scene: Sonica, The Glade Mother and Solstice Music Festival in Tokyo. Dado kept busy through contracts with Sony to compose the opening tune and sound effects of the ps2 game Grand Turismo3. Parts of his studio activities being nowadays designing loops and sounds for IOS applications ( alongside Japanese company "total immersion" based in Tokyo )

    Instantly his presence became known through his sexy melodic beats, Dado inevitably began attracting world-wide attention to his DJ sets and Lives in destinations all over the world, gaining the opportunity to work alongside different talent who still regard him as a master in the engineering and technical aspect of music production…. His talent and knowledge of music is wide spread as his versatility in style.

    About the Venue: THE IMPERIAL HOTEL - Basement Club
    This is the jewel in the Imperial’s Crown, featuring an extensive dance space with two fully stocked bars, recessed dance arena ringed by a mezzanine level and an advanced sound & light interface!

    This is going to be one event you won’t want to miss!





    and NO LOCKOUT!!!

    Early purchase is advised - Secure you spot on the dance floor ;-)

    First round/early bird tix $25+bf

    Spread the word – Invite your friends – C U on the Dance Floor!

    Join us on Facebook:
    Event link:

    For Sydney Public Transport Information - Check:
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    2nd release tix now on sale $30+bf

    This is going to be one event you won’t want to miss!

    Early purchase is advised - Secure your spot on the dance floor ;-)

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