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Thread: 01-05-2007 Dj Geri - Trance State 008

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    01-05-2007 Dj Geri - Trance State 008

    today is the eighth edition of trance state the today program we have many progressive sounds and also there will be a part for sounds more forcefull and uplifting.

    and also to thank to which listening spain in the mix yestarday. was very great party!!!!!

    up the tracklist during the sesion

    I wait for yours review of the set friends :party:

    DJ Geri Pres. Trance State
    First Tuesday of every month

    CET 23:00- 01:00


    1)Jan Johnston and dj Shah -Beautiful- (Gimpse of heaven) (original mix)
    2)Aquas Blancas -Aquas blancas- (original mix)
    3)Elevation -Blinding truth- (original mix)
    4)dj Shah -Palmarosa-
    5)Meck feat Dino -Feels like home- (Marco V remix)
    6)Mark Knight D Ramirez -Colombian Soul- (original mix)
    7)Nathan Fake -Outhouse- (Valentino Kanzyani remix)
    8)Nic Chagall -What you Need- (hard dub re-edit)
    9)dj Remy and Roland Klinkenberg -Bounce Back- (dj Remy and Roland Klinkenberg remix)
    10)Ronski Speed -The Space we are- (Hydroid remix)
    11)Antidote -Remote control auto Pilot- (original mix)
    12)Yves de Ruyter -Feel Free 2007-
    13)TiŽsto -Elements of life-
    14)Cold Blue and del Mar -11 Days-
    15)Nitrous oxide -Orient express-
    16)FKN feat Jahala -Why- (Aly and Fila remix)
    17)Brian Eno -An Ending Ascent- (Michael Dow remix)
    18)Re locate vs Cliff Coenrad -We Feel- (Re locate remix)
    19)Muse -cydonia- (John 00 Fleming and Wizzy noise rework)
    20)Chicane feat justine suissa -Autumn tactics- (the thrillseekers club mix)
    Last edited by dj geri; May 2nd, 2007 at 02:01.

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    I've enjoyed your set very much yesterday. of which part of spain are you?
    DJ Estrela - Portuguese Uplifting/Vocal/Progressive Trance DJ
    Check my Trance sets at this link; All comments will be replied in detail!

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    thanks dj Estrela was a amazing marathon ;-D i'm from Barcelona mate

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    AHddicted! Dan's Avatar
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    May 2006
    nice start
    Most listened to Trance Radio - AH.FM
    Love AH.FM? become today.

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    thanks dan ;-)

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    AH Listener
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    Feb 2007
    this tune is very good

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    great tune

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    Just got here
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    May 2007
    hello dj geri!! great sesion!

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    hello dj Sweet :hello: :hello:

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    how are you Sweet?

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    :party: :party: thanks sweet dj

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    men entero de tot jajajaja perque tu ets la mes dolÁa

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    ara anirŠ pujan mes encara poc a poc jijijijijii

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    thanks sweetyyy ;_p

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    AH Listener
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    Jan 2007
    12)Yves de Ruyter -Feel Free 2007-
    which remix was that? i don't know this one?

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