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Thread: Dunkan - Night Is Over [Fuzzy80s]

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    Dunkan - Night Is Over [Fuzzy80s]

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    Dunkan - Night Is Over [FZ80R003]

    Release Date:
    Beatport: March 24th, 2014
    iTunes: April 24th, 2014

    1 Dunkan - Night Is Over (Original Mix)
    2 Dunkan - Night Is Over (Hugo Allen Remix)
    3 Dunkan - Night Is Over (Gary McDonald Remix)


    Night Is over


    A mysterious start, experimental feelings to it along with a classic funky bass line. Dunkan starts his track Night Is Over in a way that does not reveal too much about what is to come. You can't help but to imagine yourself walking through a large crowd of people while listening to this, community stroll the morning after a night out. The mystery of the track is kept throughout the track.

    Hugo Allen Remix

    A classic intro, rhythmic funkyness and interesting percussion. Hugo Allen has made his version of Night Is Over and starts it off with an oldschool feel to it. A short bass note is heard throughout the intro to keep a bit of an 80s vibe to it. Overall, very deep and rhythmic remix, kinda the type of soundtrack you'd hear from an 70-80s police movie.

    Gary McDonald Remix

    An ambient intro, long drawn pads, maximal chillout, where are you? In a hangmat? Excellent. Close your eyes and fall slowly into thoughts of good memories. Maybe thoughts of your last night out, now that the "Night Is Over"? Gary McDonalds keeps the mystery throughout the remix, just like the original track but he has added that housish chillout ambient feeling to it.

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