VICTOR CALDERONE makes his return to queens for a special Friday night one off at GLAZZ in Queens, April 4th

Doors open 10pm. For tables and VIP call - 718-606-0775

Tickets on sale now

Victor Calderone, When youíre in the business as long as he is (20 years and counting), you understandably develop niches and certain trademark sounds that youíre known for. Fair enough. But name one DJ thatís survived and thrived for that long resting on the same sound over and over. Victor Calderone has long earned his bona fides among deejays as a sonic innovator in house and techno music. His sets draw thousands of people. His mixes listened to all over the world. For Calderone, it boils down to one word that acts as both his brand, mantra and raison díetre: EVOLVE.

Glazz Night Club
79-51 Albion Ave
Queens, NY 11370

Glazz is a state-of-the-art nightclub in Queens, NY minutes away from the heart of Manhattan. In Glazz the goal was to make all guests equidistant from the party, and to create an experience to which all would be able to contribute, because all would be able to participate.

Glazz has set a new level in New York nightlife with an amazing sound system, the lighting system, and all other design systems are experientialy and technologically inter-connected, as they exist and support one another to offer a seamless overall performance. A number of fixtures shaped as circles are scattered throughout the venue to create a canopy-like effect which is readable from every corner of the club. Some of the circles are intelligent light fixtures, some are clad in reflective materials, some are upholstered. Flexible LED screens are also shaped as circles and further enhance areas like the dance floor, the stairwell to the mezzanine and the bar. The LED screen above the dance floor complements a moving chandelier-like fixture that rises and lowers in a dance of lights and effects.

The DJ booth sits atop a newly renovated stage that doubles as additional table service areas for our VIPs as well as the ideal performance area for our many guest artist appearances. Mingle closely with any of the celebs and DJs that frequent Glazz as the stage puts them side by side with our guests. Step up and above the dance floor by reserving one of the tables in our elevated VIP section and gain a birds-eye view of the space.

Glazz has set the standard of excellence that many new venues will strive to emulate. From its polished decor of chandelier lighting and its LED screen above the dance floor complementing a moving chandelier-like fixture that rises and lowers in a dance of lights and effects to the flexible LED screens that set the mood of cultured decadence to its congenial staff and hospitable amenities, Glazz has become the destination of a wide-ranging cross-section of discerning patrons.