Hi there!

I'm Buldog and i'm from Poland
I'm "Trance Fanatic" site 7 years and music is my lifestyle..
I like too hear Ah.fm, it's preety good radio for me

I can't much of english.....:hmmmm:

thats my new mix:

Buldog presents TranceEnergyMix03



1). Denga and Manus - Firefly (club mix)
2). Activa vs. Tom Colontonio - Enlighten (original mix)
3). Stoneface & Terminal - Super Nature (Giuseppe Ottaviani mix)
4). Mikka Leinonen - Star Pendant (original mix)
5). Octagen & Midor - Time Square (bright mix)
6). Sean Tyas - Candida (Terk Dawn remix)
7). Perpetual - Legendary Theme (original mix)
8). Mike Koglin & P.O.S. - Untitled Audio (Nitrous Oxide remix)
9). Spirit and Dave - Afterglow (original mix)
10).Elastika present ESP - Rush (Brian Cross remix)

total playlist time 59:15

I hope You Enjoy It

Thank you for that

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