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Thread: 10-05-2007 dark grooves presents: Kaluk ( COL ) & G. Boscarino ( ARG )

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    Arrow 10-05-2007 dark grooves presents: Kaluk ( COL ) & G. Boscarino ( ARG )

    Hello Friends,

    this month a special show, iŽm very happy to presents you two very great DJs and Producer:

    Kaluk | 2600m Records | Bogota, Columbia

    Quality Sounds...

    We understand the extremely high volume of digital releases these days. Thus, for us is all about quality, distinguished sounds, always keeping that underground essence of emuzik.

    All of our tracks now are either passing through Fabrica Studios(Brazil) or Loud Mastering(U.K.)


    Gerardo Boscarino | Tucuman, Argentina

    im a dj/producer from Tucuman, Argentina. was born in 1980, which makes me 26...
    i was a resident at 2 clubs that basically started the scene in Tucuman, called Nocturno and Tjanaima, untill they closed their doors..
    now, im a resident at La Boite, also in Tucuman.

    i host 4 radio shows:
    + De Ushuaia A La Quiaca on Frisky Radio
    + Fiberline Audio on Proton Radio (co-hosted with baunder)
    + B2B on (also co-hosted by Baunder)
    + Digital Blackout on KSK Radio (co-hosts N Van Orton, BsAs Deep, Facu Cruz)

    Im Also a Producer, and have released so far, a tune called Cecilya on Acute recordings, a remix of M&D Substance - permanent marker on FeralCode records another remix of facu mohrr - aime paine on Bellarine recordings and there are more tunes to come....

    Two hours of high quality progressive Sound and yes two intelligent and very great people and friends. I hope youŽll like this show.


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    Playlist after the Show.

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    Hope you enjoyed

    Thanks for all the support!

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    I love it

    Thanx for beeing my Guest, it was a honur for me to have you in my Show.



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