1. Syria (Fred Baker Edit)

2. Last Trip

3. Utopia

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Firebird & Quatri join forces for an incredible debut on Fraction Records main imprint with the 'French EP', a dynamite package featuring three stellar workouts aimed directly at the dancefloor!

Fred Baker opens the release in style with his Edit of Syria that will light up crowds every time with it's sizzling fusion of chunky percussive grooves, sub rattling bass rhythms and electrified lead lines driving the mix throughout.

Last Trip continues to pressure the floor with it's energetic sections of hands in the air breakdowns and rippling drops, whilst Utopia keeps the pace superbly with the perfect combination of melodic elements infused against gritty basslines for those peak hour moments - BIG!

A stunning triple-hitting roof raiser from Firebird & Quatri - do not miss!

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