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Thread: King of My Castle ( Sander van Doorn remix )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha Pidann View Post
    Are you guys on crack or something, this is crappy. Club track? Are you serious?

    I have every remix and they all suck.
    I'm not doing drugs and I do like it a lot!

    What remixes are you referring to? As far as I know there's only the official "original" and "dub" mixes?

    But I think people need to start thinking of this track as not being "King Of My Castle" as we know it from back in the days. It's a tune using a well known sample to which a crowd definitely will react upon when played out in clubs!

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    Listen, SVD is unbelivable! But this track is not

    I think a lot of people are jumping onboard just because it is Sander, be it anybody else i doubt very much that anyone would have even mentioned that track.

    Compare it to AKA or Pumpkin, or even loaded. But then again those are HIS productions and not remixes.

    So to each their own,
    not his best, that is all.

    sorry for the crack comment if that offended anyone, I just dont see it as a clubtrack
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    I skipped it after 2 mins of listening in TATW... rare and boring track. Sorry SVD. "The listener is always right"
    Q: "Master, why pour more tea when the cup is full?"
    A: "Why ask questions when your head is full?"

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    I Lllllooooovvvveeee This Track

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    It doesn't deserve that propaganda... its an ordinary track. it really didn't touch me

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    I think this track isn't too bad at all, but can be boring though.

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    track is gay. (like all of svd's productions.) nuff said. ::

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfx View Post
    track is gay. (like all of svd's productions.) nuff said.
    I heard this track too much already right now. Anyway Sander van Doorn live is kick ass!

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    Vou conferir esses tracks, obrigado amigo!!!!!!

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    track is gay. (like all of svd's productions.) nuff said.
    is Sander van Doorn gay??

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    I hear this song in ANGELO MIKE - Sentence Sessions @ (episode 24 - 08.06.2007) and I loved it

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    sander van doorn seems to have the same beat in every song, Grasshopper one of the worst songs i have heard also.

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