Magic Trance presents 'Magic Box', this is collection magical tunes with a bright sound, dynamics and energy. Can you imagine being on a desert island or in a car that moves on the way. So you can experience the magic feeling and immerse themselves in their fantasies and dreams. 'Magic Box' the really works wonders.

01.Michael Retouch - The Unstable Nature (Original Mix)
02.Beatsole - Do Not Give Up! (Original Mix)
03.Michael Retouch - Atlant (Original Mix)
04.Beatsole - Break Of Day (Original Mix)
05.Michael Retouch - When The Angel Cry (Original Mix)
06.Beatsole - Now Evermore (Air Mix)
07.Beatsole - Good Day (Air Mix)
08.Beatsole & Michael Retouch - Brilliant Sunrise (UDM Remix)
09.Michael Retouch - Oceania (Beatsole Remix)
10.Michael Retouch - The Way Home (Original Mix)

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