Garrido & Hanski feat. Erin - Run [InfraProgressive]

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An essential collaboration serves as the foundations for the next mouth-watering release on InfraProgressive from Garrido & Hanski with ‘Run’.

The pair deliver a first rate cut of progressive trance, coupled with the soothing vocal tones of Erin. ‘Run’ is a cool, emotive journey with a huge uplifting vibe that fans around the globe will just adore.

On remix duty, one of Infrasonic’s most consistent artists delivers the goods. EDU is back and as always delivers that money shot, outputting yet more quality electronic beats from his studio. His mix is a slightly more driving, techy rework, yet keeping those signature original elements at the forefront of the mix. Lush!

Radio/Dj Support:

Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E, Manuel Le Saux, Aaron Camz, Adam Nickey, Andre Visor, Andrea Mezza, Anguilla Project, Anhken , Arcana, Basil'O Glue, Beat Service, Benya, Dan Stone, Daniel Skyver, Danilo Ercole, Davey Asprey, Dimension, Dj Ange, Dj Feel, Dj Sabu, EDU, Falcon, Ferry Tayle, Haris C, Hiddenagenda, Karanda, Liquid Vision, Mike Danis, Nuera, Ost & Meyer, Paul Trainer, Rafi Osmo , Rene Ablaze, Santerna, Simon Bostock, Six Senses, Steven Anderson (Same), Store & Forward, Suzy Solar, Tangle & Mateusz, Temple One, Xgenic plus many many more..........


01. Garrido & Hanski feat. Erin - Run (Original Mix)

02. Garrido & Hanski feat. Erin - Run (Dub Mix)

03. Garrido & Hanski feat. Erin - Run (EDU Dub)

04. Garrido & Hanski feat. Erin - Run (EDU Remix)


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