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In anticipation of Latvian producer Puremusic's second artist album forthcoming on Silk Sofa, we're proud to present the first single, "Unsaid". This unique piece is accompanied by two strong remixes by Stray Theories (New Zealand) and State Azure (UK).

The Original Mix begins with a hypnotic groove and captivating sound effects. A lush, subtle piano line is added, as well as breath-taking, floating arpeggio lines. After an intriguing break, the song continues in full effect with all the arpeggio layers and underlying piano sounds, supported by enjoyable percussion elements. Stray Theories returns to Silk Sofa after his acclaimed remix of Koda's "The Last Stand" on the label. A truly enchanting intro with well-crafted string lines kick off this track, and supportive piano notes are added soon thereafter. The addition of new, bright piano strokes on top truly spices up the captivating soundscape, which is already filled with several fascinating arpeggio layers. State Azure is a new signing to Silk Sofa, and his interpretation of "Unsaid" turned out to be quite a keeper. His remix kicks off with a great combination of arpeggio lines, intriguing sound effects, and a truly captivating and well-crafted breakbeat. The guitar strokes suit the background melodies perfectly, and the intermittent string notes on top unmistakably enhance the atmosphere.

Cat#: SILKSF077
Beatport release date: April 24th, 2014
iTunes release date: May 8th, 2014
Genre: downtempo, chillout
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

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Marsh, Matt Fax, Puremusic, Ad Brown, Braak, Urban Breathe, Aeron Aether, Embliss, Soarsweep / Smooth Stab, James Warren, East Cafe, Peter Illias, Vintage & Morelli, Roger Shah, Daniel Davis, Gai Barone, Wahed Achterberg, Deepsense, Dynamic Illusion, Max Graham, Juan Cruz Gonzalez, Yuriy From Russia, Jerry Chiu

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Photographer: Coralí Cros