Re-recording from my debut set at MAJEFA, Manchester, April 12th 2014

The theme of this night was 'A decade of trance' and on my much favoured warmup duties, it was an ideal opportunity to dig into a few older and also fresh progressive favourites. Including a number of favourites from the very start of the ten year selection, including a few tracks that only saw the light of day on vinyl.

Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Involver remix/Personal intro edit)
Kastis Torrau - Hero
Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Cid Inc Remix)
Ambassador - The Fade (Guy J Remix)/
Cirez D - Glow
Tilt - Twelve (Max Graham Remix)
Sworn - U Donít Feel (Dub Mix)
Shiloh - Dream On (Luke Chable Remix)
Tilt - Goodbye
Orbital - Belfast (Leama and Moor Remix)

Also available as 320kbps download.

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