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Thread: 15-05-07 Angel Ace - Innertrance XV

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    15-05-07 Angel Ace - Innertrance XV

    1 Yamin Ft Marcie - So Tired (Original Intro Mix)
    2 Ultramax - Attracted To You (Paul Vinitsky Remix)
    3 Wandii Pres Losbeck - Made From Dreams (Vadim Soloviev Remix)
    4 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ronski Speed Remix)
    5 Robert Nickson Encounter (Original Mix)
    6 Temple One Forever Searching (Adam Nickey Remix)
    7 Hawk Ft Sasja Emerald Mine (Deepwide Remix)
    8 Avenger - Fairy Wings (Original Mix)
    9 Tiesto In The Dark (Carl B Remix)
    10 Amex Vs Saint Rush Distant Worlds (Carl B Remix) (Tune Of The Month)
    11 A&E - Zonderland (Elitist UE 2007 Rework)
    12 Sean Tyas Candida (Terk Dawn Mix)
    13 Serenade Out Of My Life (Original Mix)
    14 Robert Nickson Helix (Original Mix)
    15 Sonicvibe Pres Earthspirit - Sky Mountains (Miikka Leinonen Remix)
    16 Fast Distance Distant Horizon (Original Mix)
    17 Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Faith (Spiral Motion Vs Far & Away Remix)
    18 Ton TB Dream Machine (Original Mix) (Classic Of The Month)

    Angel Ace
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    Looking forward to a new one mate

    Last episode with Estrela was very good!

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    been a choonies-galore until now all the way and there is more to come I guess..really awesom show \o/
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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    Angel thanks for your support again!
    ;) Amazing set
    Cheers from barcelona /

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