Label: Cinesphere Records
Code: CIN001
Release Date: 05.05.2014

01. Ship of Freedom (Original Mix)
02. A Passion for Life (Original Mix)

We are delighted to present you our opening release on Cinesphere Records !

Cinesphere Records releases the best orchestral themes that appeals to not only traditional club and EDM listeners, but also to listeners who appreciate a broader spectrum of music including film/cinematic/soundtrack, world, new age, contemporary instrumental, and classical. With longer, beautiful, and emotional breakdowns containing acoustic, natural sounds, it is set to break genre boundaries, paving a new frontier of emotion and expression with improved accuracy. It targets to audiences outside of clubs and festivals into the hands of listeners everywhere, including at home, gyms, workplaces, and casual settings; it brings all people together regardless of age, cultures, religions, and nations.

Our opening release comes from a Hungarian composer Peter SaS, who had his first appearance on our label with his 2-track EP "Ship Of Freedom". We could not start better than with this amazing cinematic EP ! Just listen & relax ...

"Instrumentation is paramount when it comes to expression, much like having the right sized paint brush."

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