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Thread: hi all people .. i would like to get a spot on the radio !!!

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    Question hi all people .. i would like to get a spot on the radio !!!

    My Dj Name is (de:burn)
    i have been mixing since 2002 ..
    i like Trance & Electro house .. Progressive & Breaks !
    my last set Was ( O'x trance & Progressive sensations 2007 - Episode 6)

    .. and i would like to hear my mixes in your radio !!
    thnx ..
    Best wishes

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    Hello de:burn, I'm not sure how you would get heard, but I have heard that the DJ line-up is very full.
    I'm guessing that the production director DJXTC would need to revue your submission?

    Downloading your set as I type this, so If I like it, I'll post accordingly.
    Chris, ....Play the Music, And We'll know what to do.

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