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In anticipation of the release of their two-part Silk Royal Showcase 04 compilation, Jacob Henry and Tom Fall are proud to present "Royal Selections", a sampler of standout tunes from the album. The four tracks chosen here represent the range of progressive sounds on Silk Royal Showcase 04, as well as the weekly label radio show from which it derives its name.

Kicking off the sampler is a stunning new remix by Blood Groove & Kikis, which was selected as the intro track on Jacob Henry's mix. Already a standout single on parent label Silk Digital, "Pillow Fights" has been remixed for the second time by the now globally recognized Latvian duo, whose "Wonderland" artist album recently catapulted them into the global Trance & Progressive limelight. The song features an extended, world-music-inspired introduction, centering on live congo drums, sweeping strings, and a gorgeous piano motif. In the latter half of the track, a euphoric progressive house groove offers a proper dancefloor swing, while Richard J Aarden's hauntingly beautiful vocal soars above.

Serbian duo Eastbound make their debut appearance on our imprint with "Lust", a stormy, yet emotive progressive gem. An evocative soundscape envelops the listener from the very beginning, while an electro-tinged bassline cuts through the low end. In the main break, we are met by a gorgeous piano solo, as well as a rapturous, trance-influenced new lead. The drop to follow offers a powerful catharsis to the listener.

With great joy, we welcome back Something Good, one of the first acts to sign with Silk Royal (back in 2009). Since that date, they have become top-charting artists, as well as well known DJ's in the club scene of their native Finland (and beyond). Their latest contribution, "Firebird", is a pull-no-punches club stormer, centering on a "fiery", layered lead and muscular rhythm section. Just as the song reaches its climax at the end of the initial build up, it pulls back to reveal a more sensitive side in the main break, highlighted by a gorgeous piano instrumental. The drop to follow is ferocious.

Finally, another new addition to our label, Russian act Montends, delivers the exhilarating "Waiting For The Sun". The track kicks off with an adrenalin-fueled trance bassline, heralded by the titular vocal hook. Following a captivating piano and string solo, a climactic trance lead appears in the main break, propelling the listener back out to the dancefloor.

Beatport release date: May 26th, 2014
Genre: progressive house, trance
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Mango feat. Richard J Aarden - Pillow Fights (Blood Groove & Kikis Intro Mix)
02 Eastbound - Lust (Original Mix)
03 Something Good - Firebird (Original Mix)
04 Montends - Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix)

Ruben de Ronde, Blood Groove & Kikis, Shingo Nakamura, Kenneth Thomas, Blake Jarrell, Pedro Del Mar, Shawn Mitiska, Eastbound, Gorm Sørensen, Tjerk Coers, Ad Brown, Jaytech, Raz Nitzan, Johan Nilsson

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