Magic Progressive presents continuation 'Desire To Live - The Remixed'. In the role of remixer Australian talented producer South Pole. We have a really deep sound, elastic drums, soft bass line, atmospheric pads. Breakdown of calm and serene with exciting part piano. Climax beautiful, energetic and atmospheric. South Pole created remix, which is suitable for any dance floor.

This is Magic Progressive!

Radio and DJ support by Jaytech, DJ Madwave, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Nuera, Anna Lee, Tom Fall, Joe Cormack, Andre Visior, Suzy Solar, Katy Rutkovski, Dave Deen, Karybde & Scylla, Markus Schulz, Ozzy Xpm, Steve Anderson, Yossi Guetta, Izzy Meusen, Rafael Osmo, Trance In France, Transistic, M.I.K.E. and more...

Already played:
Tom Fall - Silk Royal Showcase 244
Steve Anderson - Same Radio Show 286

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Available on other stores: 30.06.2014

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