Hello I came here cuzz i'm very sad of some guy's attitude, a guy i thought it was my mate, my brother in muzik. After three months of hard work preparing a full rework on an empty music pentagram, then publishing it within an independent label, now this Ronny K, reported it to soundcloud and they removed it. Whether or not you get news about somebody doing, arrangement of your songs, it's an honor and pleasure, always. But this GUY blocked me in facebook and claims to have the copyright of my work. I have the MIDI Source Files, have the master WAV PCM, and everything proving it's my work adapted from the original. I have a dream, Dr. Motte's one. Peace Love Unity and Respect. I'm a trance producer since a decade and more, I was the only one in whole south and latin america at the first moments, and as said or not, from Argentina. I think you cannot ask for money from trance, trance music is an underground genre, not a commercial one, I won't deny you can't ask for support by buying wav pcm files, but you cannot ask for money just for listening this wonderful high-flying electronic music sub-genre. I have several contacts that are trance allstars like Ultraform, just giving an example. This is the first time some guy i believe it was in the same team, turned against me with the worst attitude i could expect from a "trance producer". I don't know man, don't know what to do now, just don't disappoint me guys, I hope to hear good words and phrases from you, I don't wanna give up in the porsuit of Peace Love Unity and respect, through the music.