My name is Chris Nelson I've been Djing for about a year now. Check out my most recent set made to try to get a spot on a radio show here. It really gets to me on a lot of different levels. Almost all of the tracks can be related either to love or summer in some way. Theres a lot of great vocals for those out there, and some bomb melodies. Take some time to listen to it, whether it be in the car, kitchen, computer, shower, wherever... just enjoy the chill balearic summertime beginning while it works its way to the late night party/club end. Tell me what you think, maybe worthy of a radio spot ;)


1. Who Will Find Me - DJ Shah
2. Beauty Hides In The Deep (Original Mix) - Doppler Effect
3. Salty Waters (DJ Shah Terrace Mix) - Endless Blue
4. By My Side (Original Mix) - Summer Sessions feat. Tiff Lacey
5. Sky Mountains (Original Mix) - Earthspirit
6. Stuck In Friendsville (Original Mix) - David West
7. Crosses (Danile Ercole Bootleg) - Jose Gonzalez
8. Symphony Of Soul (Summer Sessions Remix) - Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey
9. Born For The Night (Original Remix) - Jonas Steur

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