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Silk Royal is thrilled to present Silk Remixed 04, the fourth installment of the annual series, featuring various veteran talents and rising stars in progressive. Kicking off the compilation is Nigel Good's jubilant remix of "Sumr" by Dezza & Shoreliners. Fresh off his debut artist album, which reached #1 overall on Beatport, Nigel treats us to a sparkling, complextro-influenced progressive gem, rife with feel-good vibes. Vintage & Morelli, one of the standout artists from Silk's Arrival division, offers a fresh, peak-hour take on "Night Time" by Sound Quelle. A bouncy house rhythm sits below a stormy and evocative lead, punctuated by a haunting vocal sample. The main break is a goosebumps-inducing aural experience, as the vocal motif and piano poignantly coalesce. Aeron Aether's "Synthanelia" still finds a home in our radio and live sets; Jayeson Andel, a breakthrough artist on our imprint, offers a full-on trance stormer with his new rendering, which has received early radio support from Arty. The memorable string themes of the original soar above an adrenalin-fueled, stadium-rocking groove. French talent Matt Fax, another leader of Arrival, offers a new interpretation of one of Silk Royal's early releases, Pconvolve's "Cosmology". As the title implies, celestially-inspired synths transport the listener to the far reaches of the galaxy; a progressive breaks interlude and explosive drop in the latter half of the track are true release highlights. David Broaders closes out the first half of the release with an awe-inspiring interpretation of "Starman" by Gregory Esayan. A thunderous groove resolves into a beautiful piano and string-themed breakdown; these poignant melodies are some of the most enduring from the compilation this year.

New label recruit Illuminor, a rising duo from Australia, add a bit more punch to eleven.five's classic "Pinnacle". A highly innovative groove, as well as new variations on the main piano motif from the original, stand out in this fantastic new version. Trusty label veteran Sundriver offers a driving take on Denis Laurent feat. Kaisa Martina's "All I Need". A vintage lead chord progression, with numerous euphoric synth layers and arpeggios, paves the way for Kaisa's romantic vocal in the breakdown. British sensation Ben Coda, who has contributed in the past to the Silk Remixed series, returns with a peak-hour rendering of Zack Roth's beloved "Tekkadon". A clubby groove crescendoes into the breakdown, where the newly added, trance-influenced lead shines, alongside the memorable original theme. Russian duo Soarsweep, fresh off an EP on parent label Silk Digital, offers another visionary remix; this time, they have accentuated the emotive themes of "Both", originally a collaboration between Blood Groove & Kikis and LTN. Closing out the EP, Harold-Alexis, one of the stars of our chillout division (Silk Sofa), offers a drum & bass rework of Seagrave's "Storm". With bleeding-edge sound design throughout, this emotive track will be appreciated by fans in search of visionary, outside-of-the-box EDM.

Cat#: SILKRMX004
Beatport release date: June 23rd, 2014
iTunes release date: July 7th, 2014
Genre: progressive house, trance
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Dezza & Shoreliners - Sumr (Nigel Good Remix)
02 Sound Quelle - Night Time (Vintage & Morelli Remix)
03 Aeron Aether - Synthanelia (Jayeson Andel Remix)
04 Pconvolve - Cosmology (Matt Fax Remix)
05 Gregory Esayan - Starman (David Broaders Remix)
06 eleven.five - Pinnacle (Illuminor Remix)
07 Denis Laurent feat. Kaisa Martina - All I Need (Sundriver Remix)
08 Zack Roth - Tekkadon (Ben Coda Remix)
09 Blood Groove & Kikis vs. LTN - Both (Soarsweep 'Intelligent' Remix)
10 Seagrave - Storm (Harold-Alexis 'Sunset' Remix)

Ad Brown, Johan Vilborg, Shawn Mitiska, Kenneth Thomas, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, Markus Schulz, Blake Jarrell, Tjerk Coers, Gorm Sørensen, Dash Berlin, Mike Alexeev, Matt Fax, Pedro Del Mar, Raz Nitzan, Johan Nilsson, Shingo Nakamura, Judge Jules, Solarstone, Andy Moor

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